Slough Museum 20-20-20
Full details of the 20-20-20 project and more pictures of the two radios from the Slough Musuem collection can be seen by clicking the photo.

About The Project
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Michael Pearcy
My plays have been performed in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Gibraltar and Singapore. There have been many performances in the UK including at The Union Theatre in Southwark where The Gatekeeper's True Religion was described by Time Out magazine as '…a unique gem'. My play Walkway has been shortlisted in the 2020 Kenneth Branagh Drama Awards. My short stories have won awards in various festivals and competitions including the Berkshire Arts Festival and the Woman’s Own short story competition.

I have been delivering writing workshops for two years on Wycombe Sound radio both as a physical ten-week course and in the virtual environment. The latest venture is my Writers' Clinic and all ten episodes are available online. They were first broadcast over two weeks earlier during lockdown.

I also lead and contribute on the Wycombe Sound Short Story Week which was broadcast broadcast last Autumn for the first time and has become an annual event. The next Short Story Week will be run from 26th Oct – 30 Oct with a Halloween theme for the two-hour Friday evening special. Make contact if you want to be involved.

I have led a very successful 10 week writing workshop at Wycombe Sound studios which led to the creation of the Wycombe Sound Writing Initiative and the Saturday Writers group. I have delivered two one-day writing workshops at Moor Hall in Cookham (The Institute of Marketing) and two six-week workshops at The Curve in Slough for Resource Productions.

If you would like to consider a writing workshop for your organisation please contact me by email.