Slough Museum 20-20-20
For my part of the 202020 Slough project, I have been collecting memoirs of what it was like to work in Slough in the post war period, specifically the 1960s and the 1970s. I have been working with over 30 contributors throughout the summer who have been incredibly generous with their time in sharing their reminiscences. Their podcasts can be heard below.

I also want to thank the group of actors who gave so willingly of their time and enthusiasm and in particular the 5 members of the drama group Winging It for the many Zoom hours spent creating our podcasts. Also voiceover artist and radio presenter Jonathan Pagden for being our narrator. The commitment of all the contributors and actors has been outstanding. Without their dedication the project would have foundered.

Thank you all.

Links to Podcasts
New Ways of Working Of course the covid pandemic has had an impact on our project and social distancing has forced us to find new ways to work together to create this project. It has not been possible to meet and record the memoirs in the way we expected. We have had to work with social media, phone calls and learn new skills of making our own recordings at home – and of course we have all become very familiar with Zoom meetings!