All these stories have done well in competitions and festivals
- so in a way they have selected themselves.

A Letter To My Grandson

Written in 2006 and selected as part of the Slough Writers Ruby anthology.

The world has suffered the final humiliation at the hands of the human race – global warming has brought the world to its knees. Jessica Fairweather has lived through the years of the planet’s death throws and seen her family reduced to merely existing as crops fail and food becomes short. On the birth of her grandson, she writes a letter to him explaining her regrets at what her generation has done to his birth right – planet earth. Then she takes the only course open to her...
drama set in the near future.
Written in 2006 and selected as part of the Slough Writers Ruby anthology.
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The Life and Times Of Colin Tigwell

Colin finds himself in tune with the mood of the nation – but is it more than he is prepared to deal with. Or does he press on despite himself and except the job as prime minister. His wife want it and his son makes it happen. A modern political fairy tale which ends with a punch in the guts.
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The Great British Soviet

What if? What if the Americans had not been around at the end of World War Two? No NATO. No American shield of nuclear weapons. No Marshal Plan. Suppose the Yanks had had enough and decided to ship out back to their firesides and apple pie leaving us and the Russians to rebuild Europe after the Nazis. What if...
Dramatic reconstruction of history.
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Janet and John

When John invites his wife out for dinner it comes as a surprise. To start with, he picked a Friday night. His club night. And it’s a railway society – pass the anorak! The reason for the surprise invite is a secret so Janet begins do dig and as the hole gets bigger she re-examines their life together...
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Cyber Romance

'...should she have held up a card with his name on it like a taxi driver. Kerim – here is the woman who paid your air fare and will spend the rest of her life with you. No need, she was sure she would recognise him.' What has Mary let herself in for? Is this wise? Has she got a plan? Wow, has she got a plan!
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Six Of The Best

Nancy had divorced her husband David six years earlier so when the police call her late one night to say he is under arrest what reason is there for her to care? No reason whatsoever is the answer. Until she remembers an incident at school and her attitude changes – but not the way the police expect.
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Sympathy Re Spiritualism Essential

Colin is a loser. Hopeless with women. Until he answers a lonely hearts advert where sympathy re spiritualism is essential. Sounds like another loser to Colin so he gives it a go. But Sheila, the waitress who serves Colin’s breakfast every Saturday, decides to keep an eye on things.
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An Unexpected Act Of Mercy

In the endless tracts of cold, dark forests that spread across much of central and eastern Europe, isolated communities have lived with their traditions and beliefs intact. They know how to cope with the horrors of the forest - but what if those horrors venture out into the twenty-first century world beyond the forest edge.?
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The Epsilon Executioner

Exactly where does a famous author get his inspiration from? Steve Thompsons series The Epsilon Executioner have been a great success and he wants to hand his crown on to a new young writer. But how will Paul be able to follow in the footsteps of the master? Where will his inspiration come from?
Science Fiction/mystery/drama/relationships.
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