Drama and Comedy for the Stage

If you are looking for a one-act play to perform I hope you find one here that makes you want to drag yourself back to the rehearsal room.

If one of the following synopses takes your fancy then click through to read the script. I offer half the script to read on-line and then I hope you will contact me so I can send you the full script and discuss performance rights.

Person of Interest - a drama (35 minutes, three female, one male).

Finalist in Kenneth Branagh Award for new writing 2022

A string of coincidences or a chain or evidence? A loving grandfather’s life is pulled apart by suspicion and rumour – but where does the truth lie? . Read an extract from the script.

Cyber Romance - a drama (25 minutes, one female, three males).

A couple arrive at a quiet English country hotel - they have met through the internet fallen in love and she has rescued him from a dangerous life in the Middle East where he fought for the freedom of his people. But they both have an agenda of their own - his involves extortion, she want revenge. Someone must pay. Read an extract from the script.

Whistleblower (40 minutes, three females, three males).
A family's future security is threatened when they are drawn into a political scandal. But the upheaval that threatens could be the chance Paul has been waiting for to re-launch his career as a journalist. Conflict in the family as they struggle to answer the question, what price truth?

Shortlisted out of 236 entries in the Drama Association of Wales 2009 One Act Play Festival (under the title 'Ashes on the Wind').
Read an extract from the script.

SHOOTING THE WAR GAME (40 minutes, three females, three males).
Set in 1964 during the filming of the BBC drama documentary The War Game. It shows five actors involved in filming a dramatic rescue from a bombed building. Relationships are developed between the five actors. In particular we see a bond develop between two young actors – Lily and John. The teenage Lily and middle aged lovey actress Sonia clash over their attitudes to working for Peter Watkins – a director of growing reputation. Gradually there is a time slip and the characters find themselves actually living through the nuclear attack depicted in the movie. We witness a re-run of the opening scene in the play but now it is real.

Lazy Bee Scripts are now the publisher for Shooting The War Game.

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Eleven Fifty-Six (30 mins, one female two male).
Is Nathan a terrorist? Has he planted a bomb? Or is he simply mad?

Jessica: You must see my problem. By refusing to offer proof of your identity or even explain why you can’t, we are left with just one big question mark.
Nathan: No, you’re left with an innocent man who wants a quiet life.

Jessica can’t take any chances – and the clock is ticking. Two intelligent characters lock horns in this tense thriller that literally counts down to an explosive climax. Winner of the Total Theatre One Act Play Award.

Lazy Bee Scripts are now the publisher for Eleven Fifty-Six.

So far performed in the UK, USA and Australia.Read the script.

Janet and John (20 minutes, one female one male).
Two emotional and funny monologues cleverly interwoven to explore a marriage that has survived but at what cost? The characters reveal themselves to us as they never have to each other – did secrets save the relationship or help turn it into a sham? And I guarantee you’ll not guess what surprise John has in store for Janet at the end of this emotional ride.

Two intense roles, best new play All England Drama Festival, Best actor (male and female). Selected to launch The Marriot Drama Award at the Inaugural Windsor Fringe Drama Festival. Three week run in the Union of Shorts at The Union Theatre (Southwark). As a short story this piece was runner-up in the Woman’s Own Short Story Competition.
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Extra Cream (17 minutes, one female, one male).
What is Lillian letting herself in for when she asks milkman Steve to ‘pop in’. A very saucy comedy where assumptions are made and minds changed faster than milk goes off in a heat wave. And Steve turns out to be surprisingly philosophical: “We should treat sex like an extension of friendship: you like someone; you have a good laugh; you have a shag.” Nobody loses their trousers in this hectic comedy, but Steve tries hard and in the end, does Lillian come out on top – if you know what I mean?

Two equally funny roles which require the actors to be passable singers. Three week run in Union of Shorts The Union Theatre (Southwark). Reading at Hammersmith Actors and Writers Group. Read the script

A Letter To My Grandson (35 minutes, Four female, two male plus optional walk-ons).
Set in the near future when the planet is enduring the effects of global warming. A challenging and complex story told in flashback in which a grandmother writes to her grandson attempting to give him a picture of the life she led and explaining how responsible she feels for her part in stealing his birthright and why she cannot be with him as he grows up.

Emotionally charged, limited sets or black box with props.
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The Class (25 minutes, Five women, one man, plus more non-speaking class members as the fancy takes).
A man alone amongst the women of The Class. A very physical comedy in which the five women all display different characters: the nervous newcomer, the strident feminist, the feminine one, the flirt and the teacher. Plus Brian. What is Brian’s role? What kind of class is it?

This really is a good laugh and great to perform. Won the audience choice award at the Total Theatre Shorts. Performed in Paris representing the Windsor Fringe Drama Festival in the town’s French exchange.
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The Power Game (25 minutes, Three female, Four male, Four assorted walk-ons).
A middle-aged suburbanite and one-time political activist has the fire in his belly re-ignited when his plans for a wind turbine come to the attention of the planners. His wife is ahead of him all the way and his daughter…? Well, she’s got her own story. Building a ten metre wind turbine for this one is optional (use your imagination) but you will need the barricade!
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An Extra Place (40 minutes, Two female and one male).
This is an intense drama inspired by the aftermath of the moors murders (Hindley and Brady) but in a contemporary setting. A piece with three very strong balanced roles which raises some important questions about crime, punishment and justice.

Performed in the Total Theatre One Act Festival and in The All England Drama Festival.
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Brigit’s Stew (25 minutes, two female, two male).
Brigit sorts things out like only she can and this particular problem is friend Colin’s new girlfriend – a woman who surprises Brigit’s husband most of all. A comfy comedy that lets the girls do a lot of shouting and the men not a little brooding. And the stew? Question is, is it thick enough to last.

Team work amongst the actors is the key - performed at the Total Theatre One Act Play Award and in the All England Drama Festival.
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